Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Bathroom Showers Ideas

Bathroom Showers Ideas

Most us tend to go for the classic white in the bathroom or shower.

Bathroom Showers Ideas

But by adding in other colors we can make our bathrooms more interesting.

Bathroom Shower Design Ideas

Using darker colors on all or part of your walls can make for a much more interesting mix.

bathroom makeover decor ideas bathroom

Choose the right colors for you that you really enjoy to have around.

Redesigning the shower or tub can bring about

You can use neture as a guide when choosing colors too.

Bathroom Shower Ideas

Greens and browns and yellows and pinks can all be used if those are colors that you enjoy.

bathroom shower tile ideas

Just be careful how much you use as you want to balance them with white probably on half the walls.

Bathroom Showers Ideas

Modern Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Showers Ideas

Bathroom Showers Ideas

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