Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Granite Bathroom Pictures

Granite Bathroom Pictures

Granite is a great material to be using in the bathroom.

Granite Bathroom Pictures Santa Cecilia Granite Bathroom Vanity

But some granite especially the darker shiny ones pick up smudges and show them easily so you really need to know how to clean it.

New granite bathroom

If you have the type of granite that needs further sealing then check that with your supplier and find out how often it needs to be resealed and call a professional in to reseal it or if your confident seal it yourself with the relevant product.

Slab Granite bathroom one piece floor

The supplier of your granite or your installer should be able to tell you the right product to use if any to maintain your granite and keep the seal intact and how often you should do it.

Caribbean cottage has a large Italian tiled bathroom with granite double

What ever you do dont use any harsh chemicals on your granite countertops or vanity tops as this will most definitely dull the service.

rugo stone granite bathroom. Cabinet Re-facing Division

So any spills and splashes should be wiped up straight away to avoid any damage.

Ornate Luxury Bathroom Granite Bathroom Floor

Beautiful Small Bathrooms

Granite Bathroom Pictures

Granite Bathroom Pictures

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