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Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

Although many of us have tended towards plain or neutral colors in the bathroom in the past, there is definitely a trend toward introducing more color into the bathroom these days. Whether thats by using tiles and paint and wallpaper of bolder colors, or by sticking with the plain colors in those and introducing the colors in the accessories such as pictures, towels, cabinets etc.

Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

Plain and neutral colors wont offend anyones sensibilities. But they do become a little tired and somewhat stale after a while.

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Ceramic tiles are probably the most common to use in the shower. But for something a little bit different try natural stone such as marble. Slate is also a beautiful material to use in the shower.

Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas. Bathroom Shower

The right colored tiles will create a fantastic feel and atmosphere in your bathroom. Use light colored tiles for a small bathroom to increase the sense of space or dark or light for large bathrooms.

Bathroom Tile Design Ideas. Tiling

A good trick is to use tiles of different colors and shades to pick up other colors in the bathroom. One interesting way to do this is to do the whole shower in mosaic tiles of many colors.

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So if you are reworking your shower then think of some shower tile styles, colors and patterns that appeal to you. Pick a material that will work for you and help you to create a fabulous and beautiful shower.

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Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

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Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

Bathroom Shower Tile Design Ideas

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