Monday, 29 August 2011

Bathroom Travertine Tile Pictures

Bathroom Travertine Tile Pictures

Travertine tile is a natural limestone product that has a lot of the beauty of something like marble, without the prohibitive cost. As with any natural stone they do need a little bit of looking after in terms of sealing every once in a while but apart from that they should give no trouble.

Bathroom Travertine Tile Pictures

A lot of the structures in ancient rome were made almost exclusively from travertine so you will be in good company. Most travertine tends to be of a kind of brown or red shade, so check out the ranges to see which type you prefer.

Travertine Modular Unfill Tumbled

Because air pockets form in the tiles during their formation they are not as heavy and dense as some natural materials so are a bit easier to work with.

Want a bathroom that feels like it's carved out of stone

Because of the voids the tiles with need to be filled and sealed before use. Always ensure that you or your contractor use a good quality sealant properly applied and should not have any problems with staining.

Walk in tile shower with body sprays
Souped-up travertine tile, complete with basketweave
Bathroom Travertine Tile Pictures

Rustic Bathroom Tile

Bathroom Travertine Tile Pictures

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