Monday, 31 January 2011

Interactive Bathroom Design

Interactive Bathroom Design

Bathroom designs used to be mainly about creating a functional bathroom that worked.

Interactive Bathroom Design Plan, design and buy your dream bathroom online with our interactive planner

But these days we see the form and look of a bathroom to be just as important as the functional side.

are like interactive bathroom art for the user to explore

A dull and boring bathroom does not feel warm or inviting and you will find you want to get out of there as soon as possible.

modern bath tiling. This modern stylish bathroom design

For instance something as simple as tiles can be used creatively to add interest to your bathroom.

Sterling House bathroom design

Look for tile designs with interesting colors and textures that bring your bathroom to life.

Interactive Bathroom Design kids fairytale wallpaper, country house christmas, teen bathroom designs,

Accessible Bathroom Design

Interactive Bathroom Design

Interactive Bathroom Design

Friday, 28 January 2011

Handicap Bathroom Designs

Handicap Bathroom Designs

Handicap bathrooms in the past have tended to look like hospital rooms usually very white and very functional and clinical.

Handicap Bathroom Designs Accessible Bathroom Design and Remodeling for the Elderly

But now we are all looking for more from our bathroom including handicapped bathrooms.

Simple and plain handicapped bathroom design

Senior citizens and handicapped persons want the aids they are used to but also want to be surrounded by a little style to help them relax.

Easy and safe handicap bathroom design

Modern bathroom designers have become more inventive and are now able to combine function and form to come up with styles that appeal as well as being helpful to those in need.

Handicap ADA approved Bathroom Walk-in shower build directly

With the modern deigns available today there is no excuse for an assisted bathroom to be ugly.

Handicap Bathroom Designs Handicap bathroom needs walk-in shower that makes the users easy

Bathroom Picture Designs

Handicap Bathroom Designs

Handicap Bathroom Designs