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Mediterranean Bathroom Designs

Mediterranean Bathroom Designs

When we think of Mediterranean designs for the bathroom we think of the bathroom designs of Southern Italy, Greece, Spain, Morocco and Turkey. Think of dark woods, warm colors, natural stones such as marble or limestone.

Mediterranean Bathroom Designs blue and bright yellow may be correct for a Mediterranean bathroom

The Mediterranean bathroom tends to be a mix of a lot of different elements which represent the mixture of all the cultures of the med that has occurred over hundreds of years since ancient times. So your bathroom can fuse all the elements and achieve that look.

A well lit dome completes the Roman Design. 2. The Mediterranean

The yellow of the sun and the blue of the sea can be combined in a Mediterranean bathroom with no problem whatsoever. Soften that with some browns in the woods of the cabinets and vanity units.

Mediterranean bathroom – Mediterranean style interior design

Add pottery or ceramics to continue the Mediterranean theme. Small statues and candle holders or candlesticks will add an earthy and old world element to the design. Sit greenery and plants on ledges and windows to add a natural feel. An antique wood mirror will continue the old world feel.

Bathroom Design of eHouse. Description of eHouse

Mediterranean bathrooms can feature touches like custom designed mosaics on the walls or a complete custom mosaic floor which evokes Roman times.

Linda Maglia-Lavish Mediterranean

If you are doing a complete makeover of your bathroom it will be easy to introduce a Mediterranean style as you will have a blank canvas. But even if you only want to make a few minor changes that can be possible by choice of paint colors and accessories and few extra touches to introduce the Mediterranean theme.

Mediterranean Bathroom Designs Mediterranean mix and match bathroom design

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Mediterranean Bathroom Designs

Mediterranean Bathroom Designs

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