Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Small Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

Small Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

If you have a small bathroom space but are finding that its not very interesting or not working for you then you are probably thinking about a bathroom remodel.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

A simple way to improve a small bathroom is just by modernising the fixtures and fittings and adding some contemporary tiling to the walls.

small bathroom remodel granite seat

Mosaic tiles in wonderful colors, a granite countertop for the vessel sink, so interesting faucets, and large mirrors can really transform any bathroom.

small bathroom remodel recessed soap

Another option is a half tile and half paint a bathroom, with tiles on the lower half an a contemporary bold color on the top half to create and interesting and modern look and feel.

Remodeling a small bathroom

For something special use glass mosaic tiles in a really special color to have a really stylish and elegant feel and carry that color through as the theme for the bathroom.

This project was a complete remodeling of a small bathroom

Add plenty of natural and artificial lighting to open up the bathroom space and make it feel larger also.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Small Bathroom

And of course remove any clutter to retain that open spacious feel.

Small Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

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Small Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

Small Bathroom Remodeling Pictures

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  1. Beautiful photos! I recently just finished up some bathroom remodeling in my New Jersey home and my bathroom is quite small and it really does present some challenges! You have some beautiful photos and some really good ideas! Thanks for the blog!