Saturday, 13 August 2011

Shower Tile Design Ideas II

Shower Tile Design Ideas

Tiles have a big impact on the decor of a bathroom or shower and how it looks.

Shower Tile Design Ideas

Even when you have chosen the type of tile such as ceramic or glass, you still have to decide what size tiles, patterns and textures.

shower tile

Also the color of the tiles selected will set the atmosphere for the bathroom.

bathroom decoration decor ideas tile remodel makeover

You can play it safe with neutral colors or go for something more bold and daring with rich and vibrant colors.

Shower Tile Design Shower Tile Design

Of course you have one main type of tile and then bring in different tiles of different types or of different colors.

Shower Tile

Use those to create an accent pattern or a border pattern for your tiles rather than one big block of one color.

Shower Tile Designs

Look online or in home improvement magazines for fabulous tile ideas and inspiration.

Shower Tile Design Ideas

Black & White Bathroom Pictures

Shower Tile Design Ideas

Shower Tile Design Ideas

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