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Small Bathroom Plans

Small Bathroom Plans

If you are going to remodel you small bathroom, it is absolutely essential that you make a good and detailed plan of your existing bathroom. And you need to physically draw that plan out yourself, unless you are going to the expense of having an interior designer do that stage of the work for you.

Small Bathroom Plans If your bathroom is quite small, and it has a window, there is often little

With a good plan in hand its time to start thinking about remodeling this bathroom. Especially if you have a small bathroom space to work with, you need to take advantage of creative designs, fixtures and fittings that make the absolute best use of the available space.

small bathroom design renovation with before and after plans

Modern bathroom designs try and free up as much visible floor space as possible and enhance the sense of space. Mirrors or mirrored tiles will help bounce the light around the room and open up the space.

The floor plan might look something like this

Wall hung sinks and toilets save on floor space as they leave the space below open. For storage narrow wall hung cabinets also save on space whilst still allowing some space for nick nacks.

a small bathroom or kitchen remodel to the complete house renovation
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