Friday, 11 March 2011

Bathroom Design Mirror

Bathroom Design Mirror

A good bathroom mirror is an integral part of any bathroom.

Bathroom Design Mirror Bathroom design

In fact a bathroom looks pretty naked if it hasnt got a decent sized mirror in it.

Placing a vintage footed tub in front of the wall makes it a focal point. Painted floorboards and old-fashioned brass floor-mounted plumbing. A decorative silver mirror tray holds crystal accent pieces for a sophisticated bath

Of course we generally need a large mirror above the sink for cosmetic reasons such as applying makeup and shaving.

home design interior delpha bathroom Bathroom Design with Marble and Mirror

Think about a style of mirror thats going to match the style of your bathroom also, and not just any random mirror with a random frame.

bathroom vanity and mirror design

Good lighting is essential also as poor lighting can make a mirror virtually useless.

 House Design bathroom mirror in gold. Often, the beauty

Sometimes its easier to get a mirror with integrated lights that solves that problem.

Bathroom Design Mirror The Virgo Large rectangular Venetian bathroom mirror with delecate bevel

Bathroom Mirror Design

Bathroom Design Mirror

Bathroom Design Mirror

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