Wednesday, 9 March 2011

Public Bathroom Design

Public Bathroom Design

Although most public bathroom designs are nothing to brag about, there are a few that are something special to behold.

Public Bathroom Design public bathroom

Its always interesting to see or use a public bathroom with an ultra modern design. Something that you often find in good restaurants or in new airports.

interiors of a public-bathroom interiors of a public bathroom

The state of the public bathroom in part tells you what the organisation feels about the general public.

in many public bathrooms

If you have a nice, clean, modern and stylish public bathroom facilities in a hotel or restaurant then that say that the owners really care what the public think about their establishment at all times.

Bathrooms & Washrooms

Many places have a fantastic looking front entrance to their buildings, and then you go to the toilet and find out what they are really about.

We are hoping that we will be seeing much more of great bathroom

Thats when a poorly designed or poorly maintained public bathroom can really let you and your business image down.

every bathroom detail and the clean and clear

Especially in a restaurant, a dirty or poorly maintained public bathroom could mean the different between a customer coming back or not, irrespective of the food.

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Public Bathroom Design

Public Bathroom Design

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  1. I love all of these, so peaceful and happy and light and airy...dreamy. In our home that we buy, I hope to have one all-white bathroom (the master bath of course) and the guest bath be colorful and fun. I can dream, right?