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Black and White Bathroom

Black and White Bathroom

Black and white in the bathroom is a very clean and stylish look.

Black and White Bathroom Design

The thing that makes the difference in a black and white bathroom is how much of the black and how much of the white is used and which will dominate as that determines the atmosphere created in the bathroom.

black and white bathroom. Black will absorb light

The nice thing about choosing black and white is that they are very easy to use in a bathroom.

black and white bathrooms

Most bathrooms tend to use white in one for or another anyway so adding black isnt a massive leap.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

So white porcelain and ceramics are always there its just a case of adding some black where its needed to create that stylish contrast.

black and white bathroom design

Adding black to a white bathroom completely changes the focal point.

black and white bathroom

You could add black by painting the walls or tiling the walls in black.

Imagine Bathroom suites in a black white finish

Or you can use black floor tiles mixing and matching with white to maintain the balance.

Affordable black and white bathroom tiles

Black and white really work well together and balance each other out with the drama of black and the brilliance of white.

Beautiful Wall Tiles For Black And White Bathroom black and white bathroom, black and white bathroom design,

If you dont want too much of the drama of black go for a mostly white bathroom but finish it off with touches of black.

 paint bathroom walls black and white

Or do what a lot of people do that dont want an over dramatic black and white bathroom and focus on the floor.

Modern Bathroom Design With Black and White Color

Black and white flooring and then minor touches of black work really well in a mostly white bathroom and looks really good.

Black and White Bathroom Ideas

Its difficult to go wrong with black and white done this way and its not really too much of one or the other.

Modern Black and White Bathroom

So the important thing about a black and white bathroom is getting the balance right.

Black-and-gold pictures

Another easy and interesting way to apply black and white in your bathroom is to use a black and white patterned wallpaper.

Black and white Art Deco Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom Design With Mirrors

Black and White Bathroom

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