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Modern Country Bathroom Designs

Modern Country Bathroom Designs

Country style bathroom designs are loved by folks that really like classic and traditional styles. A country style bathroom should bring forth memories of a natural and yet traditional atmosphere.

Modern Country Bathroom Designs bathroom design. This bath's focal point is a French country armoire

A modern country bathroom tries to evoke those same emotions but in a modern setting. Tongue and groove panelling is one of those typical features in a modern country bathroom and lots of exposed wood can be typical also.

modern bathroom designs

Floral wallpapers is another feature that may be popular. A country bathroom should give you a feeling of being rustic and closer to nature, but in a modern setting we should still have all the home comforts that we are used to.

floral bathroom wallpaper, modern bathroom

Choose a country theme so that you have something to work towards. And you are aiming towards elegance without overdoing it so it should be in a very understated way rather than in your face.

Modern Shoe Shaped Bathtubs By SICIS · Country Style Bathroom Designs

For a country feel go for plain or pastel colors for tiles rather than bold colors. A country feel with a modern setting will feature a lot of natural and country colors and materials.

Stone sink as the modern bathroom designs
Modern Bathroom Designs In Colorful Lacquer By Arredo Bagno

Woods in brown and pastels green, light blue and off white will be typical features.

Roman Bathtubs

Modern Country Bathroom Designs

Modern Country Bathroom Designs

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