Sunday, 20 February 2011

Designer Bathroom Lighting

Designer Bathroom Lighting>

So what is the best arrangement for lighting in a bathroom?

Designer Bathroom Lighting Poor lighting can make even the most well designed bathroom appear

Lighting these days isnt just about being functional but about helping to create that comfortable ambience in the bathroom.

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The one area where you expect to see plenty of bright lighting in the bathroom is around the sink so ensure you have some good focused lighting on this area.


And there are many ways to add stylish lighting for instance with spots above or with a mirror with in build additional lighting.

Wet Wet Wet: New Bathroom Lighting Catalogue

Visit you local home improvement store and check out their selection of lighting and see what looks like it would work well for you.

Designer Bathroom Lighting But that just won't work in our bathroom. Image via Modeco

Remodel Bathroom Design

Designer Bathroom Lighting

Designer Bathroom Lighting

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