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Vintage Bathroom Design

Vintage Bathroom Design

In a vintage bathroom that needs to be authentic, the design and the color can be seen to be a bit dull compared to todays styles.

Vintage Bathroom Design

Wood, steel and copper and used more extensively in vintage bathrooms and are usually on show as there wasnt a big push to hide pipework.

Vintage-Style Bathroom Party

Vintage bathrooms are not about style and design like modern bathrooms they are more about function.

Bathroom design - Bathroom Display Shelf Vintage-Style Renovation

You still can get a bit of a special look with a vintage bathroom just because those styles are just not often seen in modern times so to a degree a vintage bathroom is fairly unique.

But, although you might want to preserve the vintage look of your bathroom

Of course cost may be a factor as vintage items may be expensive or hard to find.


Of course if you are prepared to hunt around you may be able to reclaim pieces when people are updating homes with original features.

Bathroom Design Idea: Streamlining a Vintage Look

Yard sales could be a good source of vintage items also.

to incorporate the vintage style bathroom into

If your bathroom doesnt have totally authentic pieces and vintage items you can just hunt down items that have the vintage look to them.

bathroom remodeling. VINTAGE BATH

Stained glass windows are a common feature of the doors in vintage look homes so if you can get those for your bathroom door then that can add to the authentic look.

Vintage Bathroom Design

Bathroom Designs

Vintage Bathroom Design

Vintage Bathroom Design

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  1. Most of these are "shabby chic" or french-style, not vintage. Vintage interior design refers to the 1930's through 1940's. The one with black and white tile is a great example of "vintage".