Saturday, 18 December 2010

Bathroom TV

Bathroom TV

If you are looking for an extra gadget to add to your bathroom have you though about adding a tv to your bathroom?

Bathroom television is the most interesting ideas

At first thought the idea of a tv in the bathroom seems a bit dangerous but there are tvs available that have been specially adapted for use in the bathroom.

bathroom TV. For those of you who need a TV in every room

Bathroom tvs are made with water tight seals and heated screens to prevent condensation.

Bathroom tv

To make them complete they also come with a water proof remote control in case that ends up getting splashed or in the bath.

bathroom tv Why you need a bathroom TV? Go after a TV

These luxury items are definitely getting a lot more affordable these days putting them in the reach of ordinary folk like us.

bathroom lcd tv 2

It is easiest to have this done when your bathroom is being decorated as it can be fitted by your installer who can ensure your walls or wall tiles are not damaged in the process.

IP Rated Bathroom TV If you can't afford to give your

The one disadvantage to having a tv in the bathroom is that you may get so comfortable and your in there so long that the water in the bath will go cold!

bathroom tv 2 In the bedroom and bathroom

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Bathroom TV

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