Monday, 13 December 2010

Contemporary Marble Bathrooms

Contemporary Marble Bathrooms

Its simply staggering how many different bathroom designs there are out there at the moment.

Marble bathroom with bathtub and sink Marble bathroom with bathtub

But even with all that choice the one material that really makes a contemporary bathroom stand out is marble.

Modern Bathroom set - marble colorado Vanity Black

Combining a modern bathroom design with the luxury and beauty of marble can give you a look that is bound to fill you with awe everytime you visit it and sadness when you visit another bathroom.

contemporary bathroom

Marble can be used in a modern setting to create a traditional look in a countertop or floor that acts as a beuatiful contrast.

Modern Bathroom Design Photos Gallery … Create a special

Of course to get the best out of the marble you will need good lighting to show it off to the maximum.

A stylish new bathroom by Richard Meier with statuary

With marble and its endless variety in your bathroom you can create an elegant oasis in your home.

Marble Bathroom Suite from IQquadro - Amor and Memories in black

Tiled Showers Pictures

Contemporary Marble Bathrooms

Contemporary Marble Bathrooms

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