Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Unique Kids Bathroom

Unique Kids Bathroom

So how do you make a bathroom extra special for kids?

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The easiest place to start is to think about what your kids like.

Unique luxury children's room decoration

That might be cartoon characters from tv or video game characters or movie characters.

unique kids bathroom wall decoration idea

Or it may be sports or activities.

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For instance younger girls may be into horses and horse riding or fantasy characters such as fairies.

Vinyl wall letters make for unique childrens bathroom decor

Younger boys may like mario from the nintendo games or buzz lightyear.

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And of course disney characters always score highly with lots to choose from for both boys and girls.

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You could even do a room themed on finding nemo with all the different underwater characters.

sleek design luxury kids bathroom

You can create the theme in the bathroom by getting a mural painted on the wall or use wall stickers that can be removed once they get bored of the characters once they get older. Get themed accessories such as towels and rugs and shower curtains to help create the mood.

playful luxury kids bathroom decoration

Heres an example where someone created a fantastic Mario Themed Room

unique kids bathroom accessories designs

Traditional Kids Bathroom Pictures

Unique Kids Bathroom

Unique Kids Bathroom

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