Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

The rustic and country feel in the bathroom is very relaxing and allows you to enjoy some down time if you need it.

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

The colors in a rural bathroom need to reflect that look and feel of the relaxed country farmhouse style.

Stylish Bathroom design

For me that rustic feel is centred around lots of shades of brown and whites, with other colors brought in where necessary.

farmhouse bathroom designs

Textures introduced with natural stones also add to the rustic feel also.

This Schreiber Farmhouse kitchen from MFI ticks all the country kitchen

Hand made and hand crafted items also work well in a rustic bathroom as accessories.

Here are some more photos of bathrooms I love with

There is a warmth in a rustic look that wraps round you and invites you in and make you feel welcome.

 bathrooms, sinks, showers, towels, country, style

A beautiful rustic style bathroom will be there wating for you when you get home from a hard day to help you relax.

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Contemporary Marble Bathrooms

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

Farmhouse Bathroom Design

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